Registered Quarter Horse Mare for sale in Chesapeake, Virginia


Mare: ?VA Dust In The Wind? ? AQHA / 92% NFQHA ? Foaling Date: 06/17/2004 - Sorrel - /va+dust+in+the+wind - $1000.00
?Windy? is a mare that I made, so she has been here her entire life.
*She has never been injured; but, there is an indention in a muscle on the side of her neck, (looks like a bite indentation). Have no idea where it came from, but does it bother her.
* Story: I decided I was going to work with her one day, a year or so back. ?Windy? had never been messed with, up to this time, and was 7 years old. So, I ran her into the barn isleway and closed the doors; (the barns isleway is 12? wide and 52? long). Took me all of 10 minutes to halter her; and, within 30 minutes, she was leading, stopping, and backing on command. I push train; (meaning, I continue forward with teaching a horse until they are at a point that they do not understand in one session). I brushed her all over, and picked-up her feet, in another 15 minutes, or so. Got my western saddle out and tacked her up, including a tom thumb snaffle bridle; (she didn?t even mouth the bit). Took her to the center of the isleway, in the center of the barn, and climbed aboard; (I have titanium replacements in both knees, so when I say climb aboard, I mean climb aboard). We walked up and down the isleway, stopping, turning, and a little backing for 30 minutes, tops. My husband noticed I was missing, saw the barn doors pulled closed, and had to come see what was going on. I asked him to open the front barn door; and, ?Windy? and I walked all around the feedlot for another 30 minutes. Got off and led her back to the isleway and untacked her. Haven?t messed with her since. ?Windy? has to be one of the most level-headed horses I have ever encountered; but, if you look at her bloodlines, it?s all right there.
*?Windy? to be at least 15.2H+/-; she's a big girl.
*Quiet, personable.

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